ARKAproject collaboration offer

The aim of ARKA project is creation of a program-infraredy-tool for the community of professionals which allows to solve business issues effectively as well as to communicate in a professional sphere.

Joining the project, you can cover an enormous audience of end customers, promote your products by professionals (architects, designers), exclude from the chain mediators and make your product more affordableand therefore increase sales.

Geography of the project

The project is designed to operate on the territory of the CIS, the main cities are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Almaty, Astana and others. Coverageisofover 25 million consumers.

Wide coverage is achieved through the work of the project in the form of applications on Windows, iOS and Android devices both in the form of website and as installed application.


 Structure of the project ARKA

 1st unit

Reference information about architecture, design, style, including:

Video, audio, documents, projects and programs for design, design calculations

Professional communication and interactionunit

Database of architects, designers, forums for communication, offer and search for job.

2d unit






3d unit



 Tools for architects and designers

 Lectures, trainings

All project units are combined by convenient searching tool with a large number of customizable filters: name, brand, style, color, shape, material, type of requested information.

Users can quickly find, staffed by various criteria a large amount of furniture, accessories and then buy goods.

Advantages for the promotion of products by ARKA project

ARKA project Audience (> 25 000 0000 prospective customers) Professional clients

The project is designed for professional architects, designers and decorators.

Professionals work with ARKA on mutually beneficial partnership land customers and implement projects.

Direct sales to end customers

The rapid growth in the number of users of Android (Google Play), iOS allows to promote goods to large number of customers and make sales without mediators. 

Fast and accurate promotion of goods by project ARKA

Carrying ARKA project presentations in the professional community for architects, designers Participation in trade fairs and conferences

The client a click away from the factory

Instant sales through iOS \ Android

Competitive price due to elimination of long chains of mediators

We offer you fulfill and update information about new products and prices.

Joining the project will increase your sales and promote brand.


Best regards, createurs:  Vladimir Polunin

                                                  Natalia Drogunova

                                                  Marina Belan



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English langage:  Vladimir Polunin                                 +79139139190

                                                                                          e-mail: info@arka.su

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